A new era of travel has begun with a new travel industry Game Changer. Our Vacation Travel Club will have you saying, “TGIM” (“Thank goodness it’s Monday”) and booking flights that leave other low-cost booking sites in the dust.

What Happens on Mondays?

Low-priced cruises are something that nearly every vacation travel club member can fall in love with, but since the last Monday of the month never comes around fast enough, we have decided to release special deals on four Mondays a month!

  • First and Third Mondays: $99 Vacation Deal Special
    Initially offered for destinations in Europe and on the east and west coasts of the United States, these two- and three-night deals come with value-added amenities, have open date ranges for travel and are only $99 per person (plus taxes and other applicable fees)!
  • Second Mondays: Vacation Deal Escapes
    These extremely limited-time offers will provide members with shock-priced deals up to 75 percent off the best online price, with open travel dates.
  • Last Mondays: Vacation Deal Cruise
    The same $69 and $199 cruises that you know and love.

All Monday “deals” launch at 9a.m. PST.

Do you want to be reminded when a new Deals are launched? Text the word “DREAM” to 7027439239. If you are signed up for our SIZZLE deals then you do not have to do anything. You will automatically start to receive the texts.


American Airlines Discounts

Members are now eligible to receive a 5 percent discount on airfare when they fly round trip on American Airlines for their trip. Simply use our booking engine, or your personal booking engine through your website.

Keep in mind: Your arrival and departure flights must be within three days of the trip’s start and end dates, and must be operated by American Airlines. All flights meeting the criteria and eligibility requirements for the discount will appear in the search results with a yellow box and a red circle stating, “Up to 5 percent discount.”

If a flight has an American Airlines logo next to it, but the discount statement doesn’t appear above it, then it may be operated by a third-party carrier (look to see if another airline’s name is in the flight information area) and will not be eligible for the discount.


Again, that’s only one of the perks of being a member of Vacation Travel Club. You’ll also enjoy you’re very own ConciergeOnline Shopping Malldiscounted moviesshow tickets and amusement parksdiscounts at local stores and restaurants. And all for the one-time $99 activation fee and $24.99/monthall of which that can be used towards any vacation package. You truly have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of savings to gain.

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