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Looking to launch yourself into an exciting new career, or looking for a Travel Agent work from home? We’re a Las Vegas based team that’s looking to expand globally because of the amount of international traffic visiting our city. This means there’s a great opportunity to capture people already interested in travel and receptive to embracing a travel club like ours. We aren’t promising full-time positions in our organization. You work your business as much want, and we’ll help provide you as many resources as we can. Our goal is to help you share this product with as many people as possible.

Kaduceus Vacation Travel Club has been making some huge advancements in revolutionizing the travel industry. We all know that the internet and travel sites have been eating up our business as travel agents. So why not beat them at their own game? We’re now bringing their booking capabilities directly to the consumers.

We’re looking for travel experts with many years of experience, client lists or currently active in the Travel & Leisure business. Your tenureship in the industry will prove that you are committed to getting results and already have experience selling dreams to consumers. It’s up to you if you choose to join on your own and start your own team. Our goal is to select a handful of individuals that I can trust to build our international team. We do not promise, or guarantee, any income or your success. I simply believe anyone with these qualifications will be able to produce a strong salary and help us achieve our goals.


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