If you’re looking for the best discounts and member benefits, we recommend the vacation travel club Kaduceus Vacations offers: DreamTrips offers worldwide vacations including hotel and resort getaways, all inclusive resorts, cruises, African safaris, major sporting events, voluntourism trips, sportsman’s trips, hunting and fishing expeditions, and just about anything else your wanderlust filled heart could desire. To check out the complete list of DreamTrips Travel Club click here.

Best Deals & Discounts

The DreamTrips Travel Club offers some of the best deals on travel that we’ve ever found. And as our loyal readers know, we get around. One of the most popular DreamTrips promotions is a 4-night/5-day cruise for only $69 on a major cruise line such as Royal Caribbean or Carnival. Other trips include travel to 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts at 2 and 3 star prices.

Best Price Guarantee Or They’ll Send You For Free

Not only does WorldVentures offer the lowest prices around but they have the best price guarantee we’ve ever heard of. If you book one of their DreamTrips and are able to find a better price within 7 days, they won’t just refund you the price difference. They will give you all of your money back and send you on the trip for free.

Build Your Own Vacations at Wholesale Prices

Personally they had me at $69 cruise, but yep, there’s more. In addition to offering packageDreamTrips at wholesale prices this travel club also gives members the option to build their own vacations at wholesale prices by booking travel on a personalized website. In addition to booking flights, rental cars, hotels and resorts, members also have access to Global Getaways which include villas, condos and vacation homes. There’s no need to worry about connecting hotel rooms when traveling with the kids when you can simply book a 2 or 3 bedroom villa or vacation home instead.

Earn Free Travel Rewards

As a member your personal travel website is sort of like your own version of Expedia, Travelocity or Kayak but with one major difference – by purchasing travel on your own website you can earn commissions in the form of travel dollars that can be cashed in for, your guessed it, free travel. A week on vacation is awesome. A week on vacation that is free because you paid for it with travel rewards, even better.

Flights – Get Cash Back if the Price Drops

When shopping for flights on your personal travel website the prices for flights are guaranteed to be the lowest prices you can find on line. What if a lower fare becomes available after you have purchased your flight? Special Rate Shrinker technology will begin searching hundreds of databases for a lower fare on the same itinerary immediately after your flight has been booked. If a lower fare is found you’ll receive an email advising you that the price difference has been refunded to your credit card.

Hotels – Best Online Price Guarantee

The prices for hotels are also guaranteed to be the lowest prices you can find on line. And if you do manage to find a lower price after booking a hotel, you won’t just receive a standard refund on the price difference, you will receive a 150% refund on the price difference in the form of travel dollars to be used on your next travel purchase.

And So Much More…

With access to hundreds of DreamTrips, a personalized travel website, amazing price guarantees and free travel rewards, I think you’ll agree we’ve found the best travel club out there. And we’ve only told you about a few of the perks. To learn more watch the video below: