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Escape to Icelandtop-10-summer-vacation-desitinations-bucket-list-Reykjavik-Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

From the impressive defining landmarks such as Hallgrímskirkja and the Pearl to places of great importance like Höfdi house, where international history was made, you’ll be surprised by the variety of attractions on offer. If you’re perhaps looking for a more romantic destination where you can appreciate the marvels of nature or even something artistic, then this city is also well endowed with a myriad of marvellous places to engage more than just your gaze! Many hard to miss marvels of architecture and nature, and not forgetting the more obscure attractions and hidden gems of Reykjavík. Source: http://www.visitreykjavik.is


Head Outback, down undertop-10-summer-vacation-desitinations-Alice-Springs-Ayers-Rock-Australia

Alice Springs & Ayers Rock, Australia

Whether you’re into natural wonders, the British colonial history of the country or the 50,000-year-old traditions, heritage, beliefs and lifestyles of the Aboriginal peoples, it’s all here in this once-in-a-lifetime destination. The absolute must-see in this mysterious region is Uluru/Ayers Rock, set a five-hour drive into the remote outback from Alice Springs. You’ll enter a millennia-old world of Dreamtime legends, sacred places home to ancestral spirits, dramatic rock formations and the incredible Uluru monolith itself, known to the Aboriginal people as the Earth Mother and legendarily hollow home to vast power. Source: http://uluru-australia.com



Chow down in China

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Summer vacation will never be the same! This erstwhile industrial district is now a gourmet neighbourhood of international cuisines, with Asian specialties very much in the spotlight. Southeast Asian, Thai, Chiu Chow and Cantonese food and local desserts are available in inexpensive and unpretentious family-run eateries. Source: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/





Visit Vietnam

Da Nang, Vietman

Danang is an ancient land, closely related with the Sa Huynh cultural traditions. Many imposing, palaces, towers, temples, citadels and ramparts, the vestiges from 1st to 13th are still to be seen in Cham Museum Danang has other various interesting attractions as Ba Na Tourist Resort, Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains) as well as the Linh Ung Pagoda, Han River, and My An, Non Nuoc beaches, stretching on dozens of kilometers. Source: http://www.vietnamtourism.com

top-10-summer-vacation-desitinations-bucket-list-San-Jose-Costa-RicaLiving the Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica occupies a privileged spot in the heart of Central America. The Caribbean region of Costa Rica stands out for its variety of aquatic ecosystems and its beautiful white and black sand beaches, providing an ideal setting for activities such as sport fishing, snorkeling, and sun bathing. The Pacific coast concentrates big tourist centers and its beaches are very popular for surfing, for example Esterillos, Jaco, Hermosa, Boca Barranca. Source: http://www.visitcostarica.com

top-10-summer-vacation-desitinations-bucket-list-paris-franceVisit the City of Light

Paris, France

From the top of the Tower, you’ll be treated to an unrestricted view over Paris. Then, hop onto one of the river boats moored just below and glide down the Seine as far as Notre-Dame The Louvre is just half an hour away and awaits you for a made-to-measure tour around the major works of art. Cross over the river and make your way to Odéon metro station which will lead you straight to the Butte Montmartre where you can enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the city and its monuments, which light up at nightfall. Source: http://en.parisinfo.com