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If you answered yes to these questions, then you need to contact us! We have tens of thousands of travel club members all over the globe, and they become members for one very important reason — to save money on their everyday activities. So why not expose your hospitality business to those looking for activities and places to visit?!

In addition to offering them dream vacations at dream prices, we also offer our members a database filled with discounts and offers from national and local businesses, just like you!

Our members range from college students to retirees but there’s one thing they have in common… they like to talk. Our membership is marketed exclusively by word of mouth, so our members are the kind of people who like to share when they find a new product, service, or business they enjoy. So, when you upload an offer to our deal system, not only is there no cost to you, but, in return, we’ll promote your deal to our network of passionate, savvy customers who are ready to spread the word about your business!

To find out more email info@kaduceusconsulting.com or fill out the form below: