Step-by-Step Instructions for locating your Rovia Bucks usage
and the Expiration Date on your Rovia Website.

  • Open up Internet Explorer.
  • Enter the URL to your website for Rovia in the address bar.
  • Once your website appears, go to the Top Right side of your website and you will see a section to “Login”.
  • Login with your Member or Preferred Number and password.
  • Once you are logged, look at the Top Right and you will see the “Rovia Bucks” button. Click on it.
  • On the Left Side of the next screen you will see “Rovia Bucks Summary”.
  • It will provide the Balance of your Rovia Bucks available.
  • You can also “View Details” of all the bookings placed, the dates of the reservation, the comments of that booking and the cost.
  • The expiration date will appear in the Middle Column for all Rovia Bucks purchased and given to you as a gift. The date of expiration is the day you will no longer be able to use the Rovia Bucks. Please try to use all of your Rovia Bucks before your expiration date as they will drop off.
  • So please use them up and enjoy your vacations!!
  • Conversion of Travel Points to Rovia Bucks Expiration Dates – If you are converting Travel Points to Rovia Bucks the expiration date is one year from the Received date, not one year from the conversion date. Whatever time you have left from the date of conversion will remain the same. It does NOT start as a new year.