Vacation Reward Points Need-to-Know

For obvious tax purposes, our Vacation Club can’t pay monies back to members, so they convert all membership dues into Reward Points dollar-for-dollar. These points can be used on your vacation package site and selecting a vacation package that offer the ability to use your points. Upon selecting your vacation, the points will credit your total at checkout.


Reward Points and Travel Bucks

Reward Points and Travel Bucks are no longer combined in the total at checkout on your booking engine.  Reward Points MUST be converted to Travel Bucks for use on the sites. If the reward points are not converted, they will not show as available for the members to use. If you purchase Travel Bucks, they will show up as expired in your back office until they are processed. Processing can take up to 48 to 72 hours. When joining our club, your $199 and membership dues go towards Travel Reward Points; not Travel Bucks. If you have any questions, please contact us at 385.743.9239.


Did you know Travel Bucks have expiration dates?

Click here for step-by-step instructions for locating your Travel Bucks usage and the expiration date. Please check your expiration dates on your Travel Bucks.


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