So there’s a lot of disbelief that a product like this is real. I was asked to vacation sooner, however it seems too good to be true. So, I thank you for taking the time to educate yourself! Kaduceus Vacations represents the best-in-class discount travel club. It has member benefits, incentives, perks, and a lot of cost saving tools that help you vacation sooner. Unlike traditional clubs, like gym memberships, we actually give back to our members by converting your member dues into travel dollars. So it becomes a “piggy bank” for you to use towards future vacations.

What about Sprint’s Framily Plan, T-Mobile’s Referral Program, Cable Providers, etc…? Wouldn’t those be “pyramid schemes” to get more subscribers? The assumption that our travel club is a “pyramid scheme” only derives from the fact that we ONLY promote our business by paying members through word of mouth. The more traditional form you’re used to seeing is spending billions of dollars in Advertising, which is the only reason people know of companies like Priceline and Expedia. If you consider our company saves billions of dollars in advertising by spending millions in commissions, you’ll see that it’s just smart business. Please give us a call at 385.743.9239 to have your questions answered by a live representative.

Still seem too good to be true? Need more proof?
Check out some of my recent vacations.



Kaduceus Vacation’s Travel Club is designed for a true traveler. Every single aspect of our club, the Online Mall and even the membership dues are used to get you to vacation sooner. You’ll also enjoy you’re very own ConciergeOnline Shopping Mall, discounted moviesshow tickets and amusement parksdiscounts at local stores and restaurants. And all for the one-time $199 activation fee and $49/month, all of which that can be used towards any vacation package. And if you don’t like your membership, cancel within 14-days! You truly have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of savings to gain. So if you’re ready to take part of the next evolution in travel, sign up today or fill out the form below if you have any more questions.


If that’s not you, just keep in mind, you sign up for $200, that goes towards your membership and towards any vacation. Your monthly fees keep your account active, and credit towards any vacation. So, let’s say you’ve paid $600 into your membership and haven’t done anything yet, how much have you spent? Nothing! Dollar-for-dollar going into a “saving account” that you’ll eventually use towards a vacation. Hopefully at some point in your life, but I understand what it’s like not to have time-freedom.

Now, the other caveat is signing up 4-members to waive your fees. If you can’t afford this club, DON’T GET IT!! The last thing we want is more people harassing their friends with this opportunity, just to avoid paying monthly dues. In all our material we’re told, DO NOT SELL THIS! So don’t. This is an amazing product that naturally sells itself to the right consumer.


So what’s my story?

How did I become a member/representative? My buddy Ron tried selling me on this. He didn’t really know I was a big traveler, he just wanted to get the word out. I paid him no attention and brushed him off. A month later I decided to visit Australia’s eastern coast for 5-weeks and this came to mind. Still, I did nothing. While hanging out later he just so happened to mention it to me again. This time I was more receptive, however we wanted me to go to one of those dreadful presentations. First off, I signed up as soon as I got in. Not even bothering to watch the presentation; I didn’t care. I wanted it. However, I was glad I did go to the presentation because at the end I was together with likeminded people that have a common interest like myself.

So do you believe it’s a scam to vacation sooner, than later? Everyone has a right to their opinion. If you feel that I’ve answered all of your questions, sign up today and join our team! This is just a matter of fact from my perspective and my transition into this club. Do I care whether or not you believe me? No, not really. What’s good for you, definitely is not good for me; we have different lives. I finally have time-freedom to enjoy my financial-freedom. I’m going to take advantage of it. I even write off all my travel on my taxes. If you  think I’m fake. This is my blog. You’re more than welcome to contact me, visit me in Vegas… if I’m in town.


Kaduceus Vacation Travel Club is independent and does not represent World Ventures.