If you’re not ready to commit to the best vacation travel club, that helps you save towards you finally taking that well-deserved vacation, you can still take advantage of our booking engine, with free vacation planner and more. As a FREE Preferred Member, you still are able to benefit of a few perks that a full membership enjoys, like FareShrinker and Price Promise.

As a full member, you’ll also enjoy you’re very own ConciergeOnline Shopping Malldiscounted moviesshow tickets and amusement parksdiscounts at local stores and restaurants. Please call 385.743.9239 to learn more about this revolutionary new way to travel. Or click here if you’re ready to sign up!

If you’re already a member, visit your personal booking engine, click the Preferred Member tile to the right and follow the sign up process. You’ll know you’re “preferred” next time you login to your account by seeing a little yellow medal next to your username.

Preferred Membership Registration




Airline Accident Insurance Benefit up to $200,000.

As a “Preferred Customer” you receive $200,000 automatic flight insurance with every airline ticket purchased through the Rovia booking engine. Competitors charge $49 for this valuable protection. As a preferred customer you receive this and other benefits for FREE. As the ticket holder, you are covered for accidental loss of life, limbs or sight during a flight for which your ticket was issued.


Toll-Free Concierge Service

You are entitled to 30-minutes of toll-free concierge service at NO additional cost. You will receive a link to register for the concierge service in your order status confirmation email. This link will be located under “What To Do Next”. And you can enjoy unlimited access to this service with a full membership.

What would I ask? Below are some questions to get your imagination flowing. Feel free to test our capabilities – you might be surprised.

  • I need the phone number to Kinko’s in Las Vegas and directions from my house.
  • What’s the weather in Mesquite tomorrow?
  • Where’s the nearest Starbucks?
  • I’m at Office Depot looking at Color Laser Printer model # HP2840 for $899.99. How does Consumer Reports rate that printer and what should I pay for it?
  • What is the least expensive round-trip ticket to New York for next weekend? Which Broadway shows are going to be playing that weekend?
  • How many calories are in a Big-Mac?
  • Anything else you could possibly imagine!

No Service Fees

Service fees can be as much as $50 per booking, depending on the destination. By alleviating the service fee, you can experience an immediate savings up to $500 per year. You can take advantage of these savings by becoming a “Preferred Customer”. It’s free and easy to sign up.


Save Search History and Travel Preferences

You can save your travel preferences and searches, to be used at a later time. The preferred customer program can record all of your frequent flyer numbers and rewards accounts so you don’t have to remember them all. You can update and change your profile at any time and all of your information is secure, and password protected.


Weekly Deal Alerts

Did you know that by registering as a Preferred Customer you now have exclusive access to Preferred Last-Minute Deals newsletter? By customizing your profile, you can receive travel deals to your favorite destinations.

  1. Log in to your Preferred Customer account
  2. Click on the Travel Preferences link located on the left navigation
  3. Pick and choose your interests and save.