Kaduceus Vacations simply asks you to vacation sooner, than later. We represents the best-in-class discount travel club. It has member benefits, incentives, perks, and a lot of cost saving tools that help you vacation sooner. What about Sprint’s Framily Plan, T-Mobile’s Referral Program, Cable Providers, etc…? Wouldn’t those be “pyramid schemes” to get more subscribers? The assumption that our travel club is a “pyramid scheme” only derives from the fact that we ONLY promote our business by paying members through word of mouth. The more traditional form you’re used to seeing is spending billions of dollars in Advertising, which is the only reason people know of companies like Priceline and Expedia. Unlike traditional clubs, we actually give back to our members by converting your member dues into travel dollars. So it becomes a “piggy bank” for you to use towards future trips.

We do this because we believe that once you experience how amazing this club is, you’ll go out and tell all your friends. And unlike any other club, we’ll actually waive your member dues, and pay you, as a thank you for spreading the word. If you opt to be a Representative, please don’t go giving our organization a bad name by forcing it on others. The club sells itself. So if you’re ready to take part of the next evolution in travel, sign up today or call us at 385.743.9239 if you have any more questions.

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Pyramid Schemes

acceptable-typical-pyramid-scheme-scamNow, the fact people cry out “pyramid scheme” when you’re asked to Refer 4 to Pay No More is like a bad remake of The Matrix. Our very government, the financial institutions, the job you work at, are all “Pyramids”. But the minute someone mentions the opportunity to start your own direct-marketing business, you’ll judge with ignorance. This is conditioning that the top of these pyramids want you to BELIEVE. Because if you’re at the top of your pyramid, who’s going to be working the bottom of theirs?! What’s funny is that it’s WV’s way of thanking you for spreading the word. Not like they profit from the fees, they give it back to you dollar-for-dollar. So what do you have to lose?

So, if the business aspect isn’t for you, why would you rob yourself of the opportunity to enjoy the product and enjoy a lifetime of discounted travel and services? There’s a myriad of ways Vacation Sooner gets you to save money so you can “Vacation Sooner”.


joinwtoday-advertising-pyramid-schemeLet’s face it, not everyone is cut out to be a leader. Because if all we had were leaders, we’d have no followers. Even large companies, like Priceline, have a pyramid scheme. Except theirs points down, as that’s what they have to spend in order to gain your business. Vacation Sooner is offering a unique product that everyone wants and dollars trickle up to you. If you want to take advantage of that and start your own pyramid without the risk and blowing a lot of cash advertising, join as a Representative. Otherwise, stay part of the millions of people that simply DO NOT want to lead. They’re completely satisfied being complacent, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A matter of fact, this opportunity is for those doing JOBS that are wanting more. The chance to start their own business with minimal cost.


4-ways to Produce Income

The-Rich-Dad-Poor-Dad-StoryWe’re all familiar with the series Rich Dad, Poor Bad, however not many have invested in themselves enough to educated themselves about it. As I’m presenting Vacation Sooner as an opportunity to you, I’m going to share some insight with you. There are 4-quadrants in ways to produce income, and only you have the power to make that choice with what resources you have.

Employee: You have a Just Over Broke and collect a salary.

Business Owner: Call the shots, but employees cost money

Self-Employeed: You only make money when you invest time.

Investor: Your financial investments make you more money.

The tough part is being on the top quadrants, as they have no time-freedom. The Right is nice, but you don’t have time to enjoy it. And below you have time freedom, however it’s best when you have the money to go along with it. So joining Vacation Sooner for $360 at least gets you to being Self-employeed. And hopefully, through hard work, you’ll be able to move to be an investor faster.


Multi-level Marketing Explained

Bottom-line, marketing is a form of making a product desirable to the consumer. Once you’ve established your demographics you advertise to them with the many rich media platforms. If it sounds expensive, it is. Companies like Expedia and Priceline spend billions of dollars in Advertising to people like me. I’m the founder of monocre design; we specialize in advertising, design and animation. Now, to gain greater market-share from a $7-trillion industry, a billion dollars is a drop in the bucket.

vacation-sooner-worldventures-binary-compensation-plan-not-pryamid schemeRovia spends zero marketing dollars, so no one knows about them. We market them because they follow a hugely successful business models like Amway, Avon, etc… and want to bring the wealth to the masses. And considering that travel is marketable to all genders, races and age-groups, it makes it an easy product that everyone wants. So why not share a piece of multi-trillion dollars with those that use your products and helped you get there? Vacation Sooner doesn’t use the typical pyramid scheme, we actually use a Binary Compensation Plan. And considering we’re providing a quality product, you can’t be so ignorant and claim it’s a Ponzi Scheme. This has nothing to do with asking for money to invest so you can make more money. Don’t be ignorant, educate yourself. And let’s keep working towards what we used to be. Sorry, I digress. I recently watched that video.


Travel Club Membership

To clarify for those that convolute what it is that Kaduceus Vacations does — the main objective is to market this Product. So, if you like to travel and can afford to do it, you’d be a fool not to join. Explain to me the reasoning why you would not spend $255 in a travel club that turns around and allows you to spend it dollar-for-dollar. As an added bonus, if you don’t want to contribute to your Travel Savings Account, you could do what you would do anyways and ask four more people to join. Did Facebook, your gym, cable company,… give you anything for referrals? All we care about is gaining greater market-share without spending billions in advertising dollars. Instead, they want to help those that help them. So help me, join as a member and enjoy the benefits. Eventually you’ll be a part of our travel club… it’s just a matter of when.


Creating Time/Financial Freedom

For those that want help to help themselves, you’ll notice the examples in the quadrants are occupations; things you do for work. There are many Representatives that have joined Kaduceus Vacations, and have failed, then claim it’s a scam. Just like anything you do, you will not succeed if you do not do the work. DO NOT do this business if your are not serious, DO NOT join if the material doesn’t excite you, DO NOT join if you question your ability to show a video and allow your support team educate the viewer, and DO NOT do this if you’re looking for a quick buck. Just get the membership and enjoy those benefits.

Now, if the material excites you, however you have a lot of questions, please contact me. Our team is looking for people that are excited about travel just as much as we are. This isn’t an overnight success story, unless you have a huge network of people that follow you. Starting a business is very expensive. A business license alone will cost you $400, so a $360 investment that also includes the very product you’re selling is a steal. And there’s no need to hire employees. You’re part of a family, and we’re here to ensure your success. Only the Binary System allows for the growth of your Pyramid through the growth of another’s pyramid; we succeed only if you succeed. So not all pyramids are created equal. If anything, this is the pyramid you should be looking for. If Kaduceus Vacations isn’t for you, please start looking for a way to move out of the Upper-Left Quadrant.

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