Kaduceus Consulting is always looking for way to get people to vacation sooner. With that in mind, we’re now offer an exciting B2B Vacation Program for large and small businesses alike. Employers that participate in the Corporate Benefit Program will realize improvements in employee satisfaction and loyalty, reductions in employee turnover, improved employee retention, increased employee productivity, reductions in stress-related health care costs and more. Our B2B Vacation Program targets Employee Benefit Groups, which gives it the potential to offer to you employees and write off as a tax deduction.

“Employers are learning to recognize that
for every $1 of vacation benefits they
provide to their employees, they receive
$3 return in the form of improved
employee productivity and morale.”

Source: Austin Business Journal


Companies are able to generate up to a 700% ROI through participating with Kaduceus Consulting‘s B2B Travel Program. This is done through lower health care premiums, increased productivity and increased creativity. Lower expense to a company, means higher ROI. You can also leverage as a benefit that is brand new to the market. To learn more, please contact us or fill out the form below: