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Almost every dollar I spend throughout the year can go towards my next vacation, like my very own Travel Piggy Bank. Watch and learn about this next evolution in discount travel. I also enjoy my very own ConciergeOnline Shopping Malldiscounted moviesshow tickets and amusement parksdiscounts at local stores and restaurants. And that’s just a few perks of being a member.
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How Booking Engines Work

You ever wonder about the “nuts and bolts” on how booking engines work? Rovia President, Mike Putnam, explains exactly how they work. Here’s some insight on how Our Booking Engine gets you the cheapest flights around the world. Learn more about Rovia’s award-winning technology RateShrinker.

Just a few ways I spend, yet save towards my next vacation.

Unique Booking Engine

I take advantage of Rate Shrinking Technology, that refunds renegotiated rates instead of pocketing it for profit. Book your next flight with it today!

Innovation Travel Deals

Booking vacation packages with our club leaves other low-cost booking sites in the dust. Check out the current list of Dream Vacations around the world.

Daily Deal Discounts

Not only do I save on buying at local and online stores, however every dollar earns me dollars for booking flights and hotels my very own website.

Entertainment Deals

I find best-in-class offers for discounted show tickets, shopping, movies, attractions, services and more. Just search, print, redeem and enjoy!

Best in Class Travel Club

For the cost, benefits and offerings, we believe Kaduceus Vacation Travel Club reigns supreme. Timeshares cost a fortune and you’re limited to their program, locations and dates. WakeupNow is slowly competing at a fraction of the cost, however they don’t nearly have the benefits offered by our travel club. So why invest that kind of money and skimp out? We understand you’re excited about our club, so please feel free to email us or call 385.743.9239. And if you’re in Las Vegas, you can schedule a time stop by our office.

  • Kaduceus Vacation Travel Club 100%
  • Wakeup Now Travel Club 60%
  • RCI and Timeshares 18%
Just because you have a large family, it doesn’t mean you have to vacation on a budget. There are many trips specifically designed for families, even discounts to amusement and theme parks, like Disney Land.
You can start enjoying your membership as soon as you sign up. There’s hundreds of vacations around the world, and more being added on a weekly basis. All you have to do is carve out the time.
Not only does our travel club offer $50 for referrals to all members, however it also offers the opportunity to sell memberships. We know you’ll love the product as much as we do. Maybe you’ll consider joining our team some day?
Don’t worry if you’re not in the US, our travel club has offices across the globe. We’re constantly evolving and growing, so as we expand more and more counties will be able to take advantage of being a member of our Discount Travel Club. We’re currently available in 26-countries including US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Cypress, Russia, and many European countries. We’re also in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. And currently expanding into South America.
Kaduceus Vacation international travel club

Signup Today and vacation sooner, than later!

It’s a matter of time before everyone travels this way, so join the next evolution today.

We know you’re excited about the many benefits, so please let us know any questions you may have.

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